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California Solar Incentive Program Comes to Northern California

August 5, 2011 Update:

Pacific Power is in step two for residential with 160kW left and 116kW in review so at least 44kW left for reservation at $1.50 per kW.  Step 3 is 172kW at $1.13. Money DOES still exist for your solar projects!


On March 10, 2011 the Public Utilities Commission approved Pacificorp’s application for a Solar Incentive program. This is good news for businesses and residents in Del Norte, Modoc, Shasta and Sisikiyou Counties looking to invest in solar. Eligibility is limited to grid-interconnected solar photovoltaic systems that produce at least 1 kilowatt (kW).  Rebates start at $2.00 per watt (and $2.75 for exempt entities) and will decline over time. The sooner you apply, the larger your rebate will be.

Pacific Power will be accepting applications starting July 1, 2011 no earlier than 8 am to : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or to Agnes Stupak, California Center for Sustainable Energy, 8690 Balboa Ave. Suite 100, San Diego, CA 92123. Priority is given to email applicants.


1) Completed reservation application form, and program contract with signatures.
2) Documentation of an Energy Efficiency Audit. Homeowner's can do this online:
3) Copy of signed Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form.
4) EPBI Calculator printout identifying the intended system equipment and production capacity.
5) Copy of executed contract for system purchase and installation. (You can get that from us. See System Sizing and Purchase below.)
6) Non-Residential - See Additional Documentation Needed at right.
7) New Construction - See Additional Documentation Needed.
Copy of Executed Alternative System Ownership Agreement (if System Owner is
different than Host Customer).

After the Solar Energy system is purchased, installed, and approved for operation, you will need to submit the Incentive Claim Form and the required documentation.

The Incentive Claim Package must have the signatures of the applicant, host customer, and system owner (if different from host customer), and should be submitted with the following documentation.

1) Incentive Claim Form, with signatures

2) Printout of EPBI tool calculation (if different from original EPBI calculation printout)

3) Signed Field Verification Certification Form.

4) Once all the paperwork has been filed, Pacific Power will verify interconnection prior to making incentive payment.





Applications for non-residential or new constructions site require additional documentation:

1) Non-residential applicants will need to provide documentation of a Facilities Assessment Audit.
2) Certification of Tax-Exempt status, if applicable.
3) If your commercial property is 100,000 square feet or greater, you will need to provide documentation of an Energy Efficiency Commitment agreement. Proof of benchmarking documentation is required for commercial properties less than 75,000 square feet.

New Construction Applicants
1) New construction projects must provide Title 24 documentation and show proof of efficiency ratings that are at least 15 percent above current Title 24 standards
2) Applicants who do not meet Title 24 standards will need to provide documentation of an Energy Efficiency Audit.
3) Provide copy of new construction building permit.
4) Provide a building site plan.

1) Our experienced solar design team can help you size and design a grid-interconnected solar electric system. Before you begin, you will need to know what your average electric usage is in kilowatt-hours.  This information is at the bottom of your electric bill.  Find an average of winter and summer usage.
2) Read through our website for information on lowering your energy use. Go here.
3) Run through this basic sizing calculator. Click here for calculator.
4) Find ballpark costs for a system that could supply solar power for your house.
5) Decide on your budget for a grid-interconnected solar power system
6) Gather your power bills and notes and call 1 (800) 471-1142 (or 926-0777) to talk with one of Wholesale Solar’s design team.  If you live nearby, call us to make an appointment to talk with one of the team in person.

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